Ahmed Elkalliny | Area Director, Middle East and Africa, Jabra

Having worked with Rima for many years, I can confidently state that her people first approach, the undivided attention to her clients and always positive outlook have made her a corner stone of our PR strategy in the UAE and beyond. Rima has always demonstrated high professionalism in not just her work but her understanding of the brands needs and its constraints in both the ups and downs of the technology bubbly - accordingly we are a clear number ONE in the Telecom/consumer electronics accessory space and she has played a big part in that success.

Julien Arnolda | General Manager, Alpha Tech

I've worked with Rima for the past seven years, and I would like to commend on her work ethic and professionalism. She has been truly innovative and has devised a variety of media campaigns, and has always gone beyond her scope of work to ensure the brands receive their share of media exposure.

Noha Ramadan | Marketing Manager, Jabra

We have been working with Rima for over six years and her access to a wide variety of media has helped drive the Jabra brand in the market gaining maximum exposure. She showed a great understanding and quick grasp of the new technologies and market trends, which had helped in planning and executing the right activities that has made Jabra the number One brand in the UAE market as well as parts of the GCC. Rima and her team have showed continuous support for all our marketing needs - PR, traditional marketing or even the new media. With her support we continue to develop our activities and approach to the market putting Jabra always in the lead.

Karim Abouzeid | Marketing Assistant - Marks & Spencer Al-Futtaim

Rima and her team were the perfect partners for our public relations effort. Yardstick went beyond our expectations in offering us personalized attention, creative ideas and eloquent written materials for M&S campaigns. Rima has always put in her extra bit, to make sure that each PR campaign is innovatively conceptualized, planned and executed. Yardstick, as the name goes, has always emphasized on the end results of media outreach, which have never failed to impress us. Be it a media event, or an interview briefing, it's always organized in a professional manner. M&S has gained some exceptional media coverage over the last few years, and we'd like to credit Rima and her team, for all their sincerity, dedication and hard work.Yardstick is sophisticated, savvy, and fun to work with and gets the job done!

Ron Kaufman | New York Times bestselling author of Uplifting Service.

Yardstick truly sets the standard in marketing, media, and public relations activity. They are highly effective and a joy to work with – a winning combination!

Sandhya Prakash | Founder, MEVEG and Regional Rep IVU

The team at Yardstick was well organized and clear in their execution of what was only a month of preparation before the event. The synergistic working model was made visible when a newly launched hotel was put up for the visiting international guests.

The team at Yardstick was proactive. During the event, they were fully involved in ensuring the not for profit cause was well represented in all media. I am happy to recommend Yardstick Marketing to my friends and contacts.

Rakesh Pardasani | Partner, RSM Dahman

We can gladly say that we have been pleasantly surprised with the type and extent of media exposure that Yardstick has been able to generate for RSM. Right from handling the schedule of interviews to assisting during the interviews itself, working with the team from Yardstick was very efficient. We have been getting coverage from that one trip for almost 5 months which I think is excellent value for our money.

Pradeep Sen | Director, SSG Global

I would like to thank the Yardstick team for doing a super job in helping us with the Presentation for our Distributor Sales Conference. I would also like to commend them in their involvement and empathy towards us while working on various vehicles to build our brand and corporate image.

Ritu Chaturvedi | Food Blogger and Stylist

I have been dealing professionally with Yardstick Marketing Management for 3 years now, and I find them to be reliable and customer-friendly. My contact with the team has been very amicable, as they are trustworthy and supportive along with being well-qualified. Through them, I have personally interacted with Icons Coffee Couture and MEVEG 2014, and am of the opinion that the event was very informative and well put together. Yardstick is an agency I can depend on - whether for marketing-related goals or interpersonal connections. They exhibit a degree of competence, humility and grace that is admirable. I wish the team at Yardstick all the very best for their upcoming ventures and look forward to working with them in the future.

Shaheen Nouman | Staff Writer, Hospitality Group, ITP Publishing

‘A professional team, with great turnaround time, and proactive to say the least. Love how they take an initiative to pitch a client to a publication in a way that would be of interest to the magazine, instead of a blanket approach.’

Veathika | Editor, Dubai Dates

Yardstick is a professional PR and marketing company, working with enthusiasm. They pitch various story angles, providing a variety of topics that would suit a publications' editorial calendar or stories. Helpful staff with less turnaround time on quotes and interview requests.

Jessica Hill | Freelance Journalist

I had the pleasure of first meeting a motivational speaker that Yardstick were bringing over to Dubai a year ago. Since then, they have sent through to me targeted, well thought out interview pitches that have resulted in lots of positive media coverage in the National newspaper when key speakers have come to the region. Yardstick understands the business media world and that a personal touch often work better than generic press releases!

Kunal Vadhani | CEO, AAB Industries

It was a great experience working with Anishkaa and her all women team. Right from understanding what I needed to the execution and the follow up, Yardstick’s team did a splendid job. In fact, I felt like I was lagging when they were waiting on me to give them some information.

The promptness and the quality of their work is something I would highly recommend and a special mention for Ananya who put in a lot of time and effort to understand and execute this project. I would urge every company to try Yardstick and I will surely be referring a lot more business to Anishkaa.

Anil George | Managing Director, T3 Middle East

PR Agencies sadly in this part of the world are largely a hit and miss. Yardstick definitely bucks the trend, being consistent in their communications and very interactive with representatives of the media. I’ve had very positive interactions with Anishkaa for a fairly long time, and her team at Yardstick are equally enthusiastic and involved. Keep up the great work!

Grant Goes | Co-Founder, Fitness Link

We have had the pleasure of working with Yardstick marketing and found them to be very efficient and helpful in connecting us with our targeted audience. We have since established continuing working relationships with more brands and have a stronger network.

Sharan & Nirvi Kakwani, | Punjabi By Nature

Marketing genius that's what I called yardstick team. Over a period of one year our business has grown more than 20% through social media itself. They made us understand the importance of social media and the wide audience it can reach out to.

Yardstick helped us to understand our clients better and reciprocate with them better to understand their valuable feedback. The team has helped us to grow our brand in a matter of small time from 1k to 15k on Facebook only. Working with yardstick has been absolute pleasure I must say. Paaji Tusi Great Ho !!

Myriah Lesko | Senior Communications Specialist Europe PP&M, Intergraph

As the Senior Communications Specialist for Intergraph EMIA, I have been working with Yardstick to increase the profile and awareness of Intergraph products and services in the Middle East. Yardstick has not only offered us top quality service with the utmost professionalism, but has gone over and above to ensure that we get the most from our advertising and editorial efforts in the Region. The Yardstick team is always on top of what is happening within our target industries and has been continually willing and able to connect us to the most strategic opportunities.

Ayman Ramadan | MEA Vice President, Jetboard

We as JetBoard Dubai LLC worked with Yardstick Marketing Management for marketing our JetBoard product in Dubai. The company provided with excellent support and we recognize the impact on our product sell ups and visibility in the market.

The team was exceptionally cordial and provided a complete end-to-end support for video social media and digital media marketing. The advertisement and designs created were up to par. They were also seamlessly coordinated with the advertorial team.

Zainab Mansoor | Journalist, Mergermarket

Yardstick Marketing is fairly new on the block but by far, one of the most proactive and effusive agencies I've come in contact with. All client interviews via them have panned out effortlessly. Kudos to the team!

Pankaj Shah | Managing Partner, Image Solutions LLC

To be able to create a special identity and space for me in such a challenging environment demands clear thinking, an effective strategy and a team that can put it all together. The team at Yardstick did that superbly. In the short span of three months, they got me more exposure in the print and digital media than I had received in the previous five years! Bravo.

I would like to thank the team for their superb work and hope we can work together again soon.

Rahul Datta | Director, Radical Rising

Sylvester Stallone famously quoted, “I am your worst nightmare!” Every now and then, a case study client comes along and reminds us of exactly that statement. It usually begins with a great first meeting and before you know it, you’re wondering what karmic calamity you are paying for through this arrangement!

Yardstick has been the backbone of PR efforts for a very successful project with an equally demanding client. The project included building an already established client to the level that it got to the front cover of an acclaimed international publication and their annual edition was unveiled at Barnes & Noble in New York with our client on the cover. The project wouldn’t have achieved this level of excellence without the indefatigable team of Yardstick Marketing Management. They are by far the most pleasant and courteous team we’ve worked with and we look forward to many more projects